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March 29, 2018


In the past, Casper 1 Cent Funds have not been used directly to pay salaries for city employees.  Over the years the 1 Cent Committees and the City Council have directed the funding to capital equipment and projects, and to programs such as subsidized swimming.  Natrona County spends their 1 cent allocation similarly.  However, all other governmental jurisdictions in Natrona County have to use their 1 Cent funds to cover general operating expenses including personnel costs.



One Cent #2 (in 1978) was used to build Fire Station 2 ($150,000), Fire Station 5 ($100,000), and the Senior Citizen Center ($150,000), along with some Water Treatment Plant Facility and Water Main Improvements (2,000,000).




March 16, 2018


It is called 1% #15 because the actual tax is a 1% tax, or 1 cent per dollar.  The term 1% or 1 cent is used interchangeably for this reason.  Then they are numbered as they have been voted on.  The 15 has nothing to do with the fact that it started in 2015.  Actually, 1% #15 was the fifteenth time it was renewed in Natrona County.  The Election in November for the Optional 1% will be called 1% #16 because it will be the sixteenth time voters are asked if they want to renew it.  If One Cent 16 is approved it will go from 2019 to 2022.



One Cent #1 (in 1976) was used to build City Hall, Fire Station 1, and the Hall of Justice



March 9,2018


What happens to the first 4 cents in sales tax that is paid on every purchase?  When you buy something in Casper that is subject to sales tax, the first 4 cents is divided between the State of Wyoming, Natrona County and the cities and towns in the County.  Of the 4 cents paid, 2.8 cents goes to support State government, and 1.2 cents is divided between the County and the cities and towns based on population.  The shared sales tax is the largest source of funding that supports the General Fund which makes the financial health of the City dependent on a strong local economy.



February 26, 2018


In November 2018, the voters in Natrona County will consider whether to renew the Optional 1% General Purpose Sales Tax.   A volunteer committee of City employees has been meeting to discuss the process for educating our citizens about the value of the 1% to our community.  It is important that City employees are informed about the 1% so that you can respond to questions or concerns that may be raised by citizens.  This is the first installment of what will be a regular communication with you about the 1%.  If you have specific questions or concerns that you would like to have addressed please contact me and I will include them in future emails.


When was the Optional 1% Tax first adopted?


The Optional 1% Sales Tax was first approved by voters in Casper in 1976.  It has been approved in County-wide elections on 15  different occasions and represents more than $350 million invested in services and facilities for the citizens of the City of Casper.  Residents of Natrona County, Mills, Evansville, Bar Nunn, Midwest, and Edgerton have also benefitted from the revenues from the Optional 1%, which are returned to them based on population, and not on where the sales tax was collected.


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